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Larry Stebbins

Larry is a botanist, author, radio host and educator. Over the past ten years he has taught organic gardening classes to over 8,000 eager gardeners. 

He founded Pikes Peak Urban Gardens and under his guidance over 12 new community gardens were built in and around the Pikes Peak region. 


The Backyard Vegetable Gardening Guide

In the winter of 2015, Larry published a vegetable gardening book that was specific to the area in and around Colorado Springs, and Denver. He found out that his 200 page guide was being used by gardeners all around the mid-latitude states. It is available to download for $3.99 from I Tunes for Apple (CLICK HERE) or Amazon for Kindle (CLICK HERE).


Gardening Education is His Passion!

He has spent 35 years as a public school educator.  Since his early teens he has been an organic gardener. Sharing his knowledge of gardening is his joy!

Someone asked Larry, "Do you love to garden?" His answer was, "It is more than that. I have to garden". Many of you will understand.  

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